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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

The obsessive-compulsive disorder, considered until recently, by some as a fad, a "thumping", an expression of mental failure, is now seen, by these or other more enlightened, as a disruption of basic emotional and relational in that crash is exactly the forbidden word. In fact, perfectionism is one of the hallmarks of this disease more marked and people so the concerns of people suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder, in extreme cases, they are left much more to life.
In fact, the rituals associated with endless checks, cleanings lengthy, extended the counts, to seek a permanent order of objects, clean-almost more stringent than those carried out in an operating room, the heightened concerns with symmetry, producing, in addition to an extreme fatigue, a total lack of spontaneity. The relaxation is, in obsessive-compulsive disorder in the active phase, a concept totally foreign. This causes a reversal of the scale of priorities and values, and behaviors dependent on these lives, almost exclusively, to respond to such impulses, unconscious perspective of reducing anxiety stemming from the fear that something tragic happens if you do not perform these actions. The individual is then literally between a rock and wall, since performing the rituals exhausts and leads to inevitable conflicts with whom he confronts at this level (especially family or close friends), and secondly hand, do not carry them on it triggers an unbearable anxiety condition.
Things taken as a simple get complicated by the impossible and begin to avoid the situations, places, people and objects causing the discomfort. The ritualist is in a state of constant alert, in order to control everything and everyone, it brings an excessive fatigue. In addition to frustration, because his purpose is impossible.
The obsessive-compulsive disorder does not show the linearity of other additions, and, in many circumstances, a very fine dividing line with what is supposed to standardized normal. The limits are not always noticeable, because it is not to consume or not consume substances, or not to buy this or that, taking medications or not take, being in bed all day being depressed or not, hours and hours surfing the Internet or not. It is a matter of finding balance in every task, every gesture, every reaction, every space in each context: at dawn, dusk, day, evening, in working hours in periods of leisure, 24 hours each day of the year, without breaks or holidays, or week-ends and holidays. Although there is still a great misunderstanding on this behavioral dependence and dependent on it, often accused of not developing enough willpower to overcome your problem, the truth is that they can not without help.

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