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Addiction Treatment in Mobile

The dependence of the phone may appear in different guises. Thus, there are dependents of SMS (Short Message Service), which exhibit often a callus of the thumb and / or unusually worn keyboard. All are well to send and receive text messages, and the way the day runs is subject to these letters. They may even reach the height of sending SMS to themselves from the computer.
There are others who are dependent on the new model. Every six months - at best - buy, according to their possessions, the latest models, with functions Foo and are willing to spend very high sums.
There are also spectacular which always go with the phone in hand, like to show everyone the color, design and functionality of the phone and talk very loudly when they receive a call or stop playing enough to draw attention who meet in the vicinity. Some of these individuals, at the height of her addiction, are playing their own mobile phone and simulate animated dialogues and endless.
The game-players are the fans of mobile games. They play a lot and often exaggerated, always trying to reach new records before proceeding to wind up the session.
The syndrome affects the phone off a specific group of people who panic if the phone is turned off. To avoid this unpleasantness, usually carry a spare battery charged and never turn off your phone, whatever the circumstance.
Treatment for addiction phone will help the "prisoners" of this technology to get rid of your fears and redirect their true values ​​and priorities. The false security of having the possibility of being always connected with the possibility of contact will lead to real security to feel good about themselves, within themselves. In fact, the contact writing (SMS) brings, for example, the risk of losing the initial message, because it initiates the worm questions and answers in the key turns out to dilute.
On the other hand, the treatment for the dependency of the phone, the patient will realize that they have greater need is to communicate with you, allowing you to hear your intimate dialogue with their feelings, without intermediaries, only tips and very specific treatment guidelines.
Finally, in treatment for dependence on the phone, the addict will acquire tools that will be a great help to tackle the difficulties and problems of life without having to be armed with a mobile phone charged.

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