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Admission to the dependence of the Mobile

Walk with a new generation mobile phone is indicative of a certain status, social and, perhaps, professional as well as a desirable modernity. In addition, make and receive many calls is used to describe large social requests, and a large group of friends.
This does not raise any problem that might not be the genesis of a terrible addition, a dependence that feeds on itself, as it uses more and more mobile to meet a need or to allay anxiety.
The admission to the dependence of the phone provides immediate disconnection with the most visible sign of the disease: the compulsive use of the phone. It is natural to verify withdrawal symptoms, like any other addiction.
The patient, integrated in a therapeutic community, you may find the cohesion of the group to confirm that, regardless of what led each of the treatment center, the force of obsession is the same for everyone, and this identification is the strength to move forward, taking small steps, but firm and solid in the company of the same and can count on unconditional support.
At admission to the dependence of the phone, going to counteract the tendency of the individual to withdraw from the world and to compensate with interactive games, SMS and other solitude he created. The withdrawal of a relationship and the verbal inability to cope with a direct relationship with their own emotional resources, caused by overuse of the phone fall to the ground within a group. Dependent on the phone may experience the return of your spontaneity and your authenticity, with the full assurance of being accepted as is.
It will make a profound work to uncover the problems that caused the addiction and learn to self-regulate in relation to the phone. It will be suggested ways, when they return home, use less and more accurately, limiting thus their influence and their psychological importance. For example, let you "forgot" on purpose and resist the anxiety that tears so closes the door of the house, move it away, hide it, for a few hours, it can go dilating until you can control the anxiety of hopes, avoid unnecessary calls to wean the mind of a need for communication and forced fed by himself, among others. The breaks are great for testing spot these and many other techniques taught.
At admission to the dependence of the phone the patient will still recover their former interests and hobbies such as sports and hobbies that used to give you pleasure. It will alleviate your mood swings, disturbances of sleep and eating routines, and cease the use of drugs and medicines.
Meanwhile, break off at the time of admission to the dependence of the phone, family conflicts and labor and eventual financial bankruptcy.
While young people run greater risk of developing a pathological use of the phone, any person is subject. The question is to be aware to be let go "the wave" and ask for help before "drowning".
The trail that characterizes any dependency - and this is no exception - is no solution to anything. The answer lies in imagining the other and the things of the world in a more positive, more realistic.

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