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Admission to the Labour Dependence

An addict has to work, as a rule, very difficult to accept that you have a serious problem. Unemployment would be for him, however, a tragedy, would be tantamount to losing one's identity, the rejection unbearable, an ax in self-esteem and trigger withdrawal symptoms. And only those who have these things is dependent. And a dependent is sick.
In fact, just think for a dependent of the work, even though his career has reached its peak, the feelings of inadequacy and insecurity are there. This insecurity leads the individual to be the owner of an arrogance that is not consistent with the compliance of useful suggestions from colleagues, which could improve efficiency. The efficiency is also spayed by excessive perfectionism, which is two or three times consuming more time for each task. Team work is disastrous, because the subject thinks that the work is better than others. In familiar terms, it is also successful due to the imbalance with the work, which further compromises creativity. Since it is not able to delegate anything in the other, ends up exhausted and making mistakes, more or less severe.
The admission to the dependence of the work is quite advantageous, because it immediately separates the addict from his "drug of choice", ie, work, and all the surrounding environment. On the other hand, there is a distancing of the family itself, which however is to feel anger, abandonment and resentment. Have you lost the primacy and importance to the life of your loved one. Marital difficulties not slow in appearing; gives the deterioration of the couple's love, which leads to apathy and indifference on both sides. The children turn into strangers, helpless, at greater risk of dependence on any one go down. The lack of emotional consistency is likely to make the plunge into depression, anxiety, anger (many times having to play the role of the absent parent, for which they were not yet prepared), in failed marriages, a huge guilt.
The stress syndrome that develops the work addict is also very harmful for him and those around him. In the more chronic phase, divorce, hypertension, the onset of ulcers, depression, reduced immune defenses, brain strokes and heart attacks usually precede death. Yes, this is a disease that kills! Because, at some point, the patient resorts to stimulants and depressants, alcohol, nicotine and you get to endure the "ride". And even a hospital bed because of the dependence of the work can not drop, this may be the severity of this addition!
The admission to the dependence of the work seeks, where possible, cut short way towards recovery and prevent the patient reaches the threshold of life. In therapy groups guided by a team of specialized professionals, the addict to work can benefit from shared experience, courage and hope, based on the philosophy of the Twelve Steps. This program advocates, and experience confirms it, that there is nothing that gives more results than the help of one addict to another addict. In addition, the staff takes care to assist the patient to a journey inside yourself, and to encourage couples therapies (so that he can recoup the complicity and intimacy, that is, a language full of emotional meaning) and family (in order to break the denial also available in the family, so that members can express their negative feelings for the workaholic (frustration ...), avoiding at the same time, enhance the stunts that pathology in question). Clarify and / or restructure family roles and to improve communication and expression of emotions are more objectives of the intervention at the family, where the patient finds another dimension of life.
It is intended, with admission to the dependence of labor, the slave of the need to work, a person who became unattainable for themselves and others, return to the real world, surrounded by affection, understanding, and everything you need to be happy.
Good was that employers were committed to the training of young managers and the companies themselves, to be implemented working conditions that do not foster the emergence of addiction.

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