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Coffee Addiction Treatment

The dependence of coffee is likely to cause a generalized anxiety disorder with cognitive symptoms (cognitive distortions related to the overvaluation of the probability of something happening that is feared or its severity, as well as the underestimation of internal resources and the possibility of help from others ), physical and motor (muscular tension, irritability, fatigue, tachycardia, sleep disturbances, avoidance). There are blamed for this disease, people are only responsible for your treatment and stay in recovery. They must rely on professional expertise and a therapeutic program defined and customized in order to garner effectiveness in the treatment of dependence café.O first step is to stop drinking coffee. It is not reasonable to expect that the procedures work on bodies and minds poisoned! ... The addiction to coffee does not refer only to physical release of caffeine, since if it did it would risk, compared to the pitfalls of resorting the same pseudo solution, no changes occur on the inner level. The addiction to coffee aims to help the addict to find a life project that makes rescue an authentic experience of self and others, love yourself and appreciate life. Moving on to you, the individual changes, likewise, his attitude in society and discovers that the way to continue to be productive and responsible in the same company is putting its recovery in the first place. Just the fact of admitting their addiction and seek help is now looking for a good life and contribute to the social context with positividade.Em recovery, the addict to caffeine starts to face setbacks, failures and crises as elements of personal growth opportunities (instead of misery) and sources of wisdom, looks at adversity as part of a set. In addition, learn to resolve conflicts and not run away from awkward situations, and realizes that he holds all the answers and solutions and it is possible to live with unresolved issues in a balanced and serena.O treatment for addiction coffee allows the dependent decentering is himself, which makes the despair turn into hope and fear fades. He understands what has to accept, which can modify and get the insight to distinguish both in different circumstances. Reevaluate their old ideas and open to new perspectives. Develop positive attitudes, which continue the recuperação.A emotional stability and spiritual strength afforded by the treatment makes it easier to deal with the pain and confusion and the addict no longer needs to rely on instant expedients but misleading and, above all, nothing effective.

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