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Coffee Addiction

Coffee is the most widely consumed beverages worldwide. Its aroma and taste are appreciated by a growing number of pessoas.Há, beyond the effect it would have a symbolic dimension of coffee, this gesture may designate a way to welcome someone to visit, a break from work a strengthening of the ties of friendship ... with ice, lemon and sugar, in the summer - to serve as a refreshment - or cinnamon in the winter, the café has various minerals, amino acids, proteins, lipids and antioxidants beneficial to health. The problem is, as everywhere, the excesso.A caffeine, despite the feeling of pleasure and refreshment it affords, is an alkaloid that causes addiction. This substance has an influence on the discharge of nerve cells and release of neurotransmitters and of some hormones, such as epinephrine. Acts on enzymes which transform the fat source of energy, producing a higher fatigue resistance. Fasting allows an increase in sensory acuity and mental level of alertness, with a consequent increase in well-estar.A coffee addiction occurs because the abuser can not have a conscious consumption of caffeine. This is the most popular addictive substances known. Is present essentially in coffee, cocoa beans in (that is fabricated with chocolate) and tea. It is also added to some analgesics, anti-influenza drug, and the ability to stimulate intelectual.A dependence leads to coffee that require more caffeine to obtain the same results in a vicious circle that is gaining size from day to day, for regular consumption triggers tolerance to the substance. Someone with habituation to caffeine effects you can achieve almost zero by ingesting several cups of coffee, while those who are not used to feel a stimulus plus one or two servings. On the other hand, recent studies suggest that drinking coffee measurable quantities is likely to cause the person has a greater tendency to suffer from hallucinations, compared to an individual in your consumo.Um moderate signs of what is before the coffee addiction is related to withdrawal symptoms that occur when there is a sudden withdrawal of caffeine, whose intensity varies from person to person, and that may include throbbing headaches (exaggerated by the dilation of blood vessels of the brain), anxiety , depression, reduced strength soul, irritability, nausea and heartburn.

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