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Dependence of Mobile

Today, no one can imagine without a mobile phone. And there's so many years that the "fashion" took ... Nevertheless, the phone not only has to do with technological development, but with a whole set of changes to social and political level.
The phone is not just for calling and texting, is a companion and helps to organize life, coming to have more use of the computer and the Internet. There are those who have connected ten hours a day and some also leave on overnight.
The purchase of accessories for personalizing your phone confirms the affection for a machine that came in all areas and activities of daily life and that represents independence, freedom and security. The relationship with your phone parallels the affective relationship with a person.
One way or another, we are all a little (or too) dependent on the phone, and the border with pathological dependence quite faint. China was among the first countries to talk about the dependency syndrome of the phone, pointing to the minors as the most affected.
There are features indicative of the dependents of the phone. First, some changes are notorious behavior when, for any reason, you can not use this: tics (like constantly bringing in a pocket, with stirring look at the clock, look for the phone sounds when the touch of a around), irritability and depression. In parallel, depending on the phone, people never drop out, give it great importance; resort to it all day as a priority communication; are affected by malaise and even anxiety attacks, anxiety and panic if the phone does not is loaded, use the phone to exert control over their sentimental relationships, feel a strong need for constant contact with someone, the phone being the intermediary of the communication; seek justification for what they know is a maladaptive behavior, regarding the rampant use the apparatus ...
Basically, the indispensability of the use of the phone is guided more by lack of emotional and relational nature than by objective needs. There in the mobile phone addict in dire need of belonging and, often, to fill that social phobia suffers from loneliness or fear. Rarely, it can feel sadness, lack of appetite and boredom.
The dependence of the phone is part of the list of new additions, recognized as such by the similarity with the dependencies as documented by the proportions and that any form of alienation from the world of reality and of itself (a) is likely to take on a life of eager and direction information of value, as is a (a) addict (a).

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