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Dependence of Work

The work was taking over the time and history, different connotations and ways to be seen. Initially, it was considered something of poor and poorly regarded. After it became synonymous with subsistence, and later associated with freedom, independence and means of integration into society.
The Industrial Revolution landed the first submission to the pressure of production times, from which sprang the split between the worker and the fruit of their labor. Arose, then the concern with the psychosocial dimension of the work, which included the balance between work, rest and social relations.
At present, work is considered a "doer" of money to buy mainly consumer goods. Personal achievement is realized largely through the work, which forms the basis of personal identity. Falls in the extreme of thinking that the person is more to do than what it is. You lose life and health to work and earn money, then you lose the money to try to recover the health and the life which is not always possible.
The workaholism integrates all the new additions and behavioral dependency means the addition of work or to work. It is an obsessive-compulsive disorder that reveals itself through self-imposed demanding targets to meet, sacrifice of personal life in the name of employment and unrestricted availability to work with refusal by other activities.
This exacerbated the need to work interferes, of course, with health, happiness and interpersonal relationships of the individual. In its genesis may be feelings of anxiety, emptiness and low self-esteem, which is necessary to alleviate. Thus, there is much to do to feel it's worth a lot.
The dependence of the work appears, in general, "well dressed", which wits the diagnosis. Despite this and not assume substances, leads to the same self-destructive physical, mental and social as other additions. This is, however, an acceptable addition until desired by the companies. The prestige, success, power and money they give strength to this disease and, after all, it's good to be had (a) as a working person ...
Being energetic and dynamic, however, is different from being workaholic. While workers who fit the first description can set limits, despite fierce competitive aggression and want to do everything well and quickly (what can push to the forum cardiovascular diseases), the latter lose control over the work, not governed by any rules and are unable to accept his own limitations. They feel an uncontrollable urge to do more and more, without regard to consequences. Fall asleep and wake up with the work, take him on vacation and end-of-week, because they do not know who they are without work. Until the rest goes to work (with a multitude of activities), everything is working.
To be an addict (a) the work is not necessary to work long hours or until very late, it is to have their eyes fixed steadily on any aim at all times and place: it's a lifestyle.
Life begins to be addressed as something that has to be done and then live to act. The obsession with work is also dependent for a way to solve this annoyance very existence.
The dependence of the work presents the same profiles of psychiatric and other substance dependencies. The bottom of the disease is strictly identical.

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