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Inpatient Addiction to Coffee

The admission to the dependence of the café allows, in addition to the radical break with the substance, learning principles and spiritual practices, such as tolerance, patience, humility, an open mind (a new idea can not be accepted in a mind closed! ...) - which brings the insight by considering the different points of view - the good will, finally, provisions that help to recognize their mistakes and ask for admission ajuda.No coffee addiction, the addict will find people like you that will help it to develop an attitude of love and trust in your life, requiring less of others and giving them more. Learn how to better control anger and to forgive more readily. More quickly identify the need for help and do it before making difficult decisions or when he is in the hardest moments, with the full knowledge that alone can not, but that together podem.O admission to addiction is coffee also quite useful as intensive training in establishing and meeting goals, being assertive in (a) honest (a) and sincere (a), in cultivating good humor, be in (a) his (her) best friend (a ), to abandon old destructive criticism, the value is in trying new things, be happy in! Within a group of other addicts, dependent on the coffee wake you feel lost dreams and opportunities to awaken him; manifest it will give you true love and genuine friendship, find the value of an affectionate embrace, learn to exercise acceptance - vital to recovery - to trust and live one day at a time, get to know each other first and experience, as a novelty, a sense of loving and being loved, knowing that people care about him, that interessam.No treatment center, the coffee addict living failures and successes as natural realities of life, no drama or ecstasies, and you find yourself doing things you never thought to get. Begins to appreciate the respect of others and is happy when people tell him and his opinions are sought and taken into consideration. His personal interests were attenuated and extend to the issues of therapeutic community, society, politics ... The pastimes and amusements gives you a new pleasure and no longer feel like a burden or a hindrance. Only when a person learns to love themselves can love others! During the hospitalization, dependent on coffee raises awareness that he must be pursuing their quality of life and assimilate some to have healthy relationships with the various areas their daily lives. For example, in professional terms, it must have discipline (for it has schedules and tasks to accomplish in treatment center) in the physical and financial, is necessary to consider, in the social and leisure, self-rule must respect, within the family unit is the watchword; prisms emotional and spiritual are governed by honesty and trust (in your Higher Power, in self and others). After admission to a dependence on coffee, it is inevitable that the addict get a broader view of reality, because the personal growth will be consolidating it.

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