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treatment Personal Development

In all treatments, which are held in VillaRamadas, the base is the personal development of each individual, regardless of whether it also suffered from a chemical dependency, behavioral or emotional.

For those individuals who do not seek a specific treatment of desemvolvimento personal VillaRamadas provides in its health units a quiet and protected right to introspection and self-discovery.

For there is an inner growth, it is important to learn to live in the solution of their problems, thus acquiring a new ability to accept its reality and finding a balance between mind, body and spirit.

In VillaRamadas through our integrative therapeutic model - Change & Grow - orient those who bet for changing attitudes in order to free themselves, to relearn self-value is recognizing your own value and to develop relationships interpersonal balanced, functional and healthy consciencializando them to the fact that happiness is not given us by others, but which is actually an inside job to each of us.

Once the period of hospitalization, it is suggested to patients who regularly attend self-help groups in particular, Change & Grow, as well as the After-Care held in VillaRamadas monthly as a means of monitoring and prevention.

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