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Phobias in common parlance, means exaggerated fears or aversions with regard to situations, objects, animals or places.

In VillaRamadas, we believe that phobias are associated with the anxiety levels of each individual, has, however, the special feature that only manifest themselves in particular situations. 

In VillaRamadas, any individual who suffers from one or more phobias can overcome them with the help of a team of professionals specialized in this area through the application of our own integrative therapeutic model 
 - Change & Grow -. 

In our experience the time of admission vary from patient to patient, not by some to be sicker than others, but because the timing for processing / the phobia / as is proper and unique to each individual. 

Treatment focuses on identifying the "sources" that release of anxiety uncontrollable fear, which in turn halts the reaction of the individual, and for this it is necessary to work levels:

⁃ Behavioral - controlled and progressive exposure to the phobic object. In this case, through techniques of relaxation and anxiety management, seeks to desensitize the individual. 

⁃ Cognitive - Helping to restructure thinking abnormal. This object is also achieved by acquiring information about the object or situation phobic.

⁃ Psychodynamic - Search the understanding and development (s) of the symbolic meanings of the disease and the symptoms developed, as well as the elucidation of secondary gains.

By changing, self-discovery and adoption of different behaviors, the patient will gradually free itself from its past and then the / to your / the phobia / them, may go on to have a normal life completely integrated and .

At the completion of admission and there is a good post treatment and a relapse prevention effectively, we recommend the frequency of regular meetings of Change & Grow Monthly and After-Care, held in VillaRamadas.

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