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Admission for Phobias

The internement has several phobias to direct benefits, in addition to secondary gains. It allows, first, an intervention specialist and customized, adjusted daily, if necessary. On the other hand, is always helpful to the fact that the patient out of his usual means - which usually takes refuge - and important to the relief of family burden that occurs in various situations.
In addition, hospitalization for phobias gives the patient the seven elements that Bernardino of Siena, in 1427, noted in a lecture to university students as golden rules for success: the taste (people generally resist relocation ie, strange, but after entranham), the separation, the rest, the order continuity, discretion and finally treat. This recipe was just a summary of suggestions that the time has confirmed as useful tools for working to develop and apply perfectly to the effort to counter the obsessions related to phobias.
Effective remedies that the harvested phobic in hospitalization for phobias are as a rule, simple in principle but require an apprenticeship that has all the advantage of being tested and then along the professional expertise and a group therapy in a boarding school. It is a kind of micro-society in which the individual trains the knowledge of how to achieve a greater balance in the relationship with oneself, others and with objects / situations that left him confused.
In addition, the patient learns of phobias ways to detect and control sources of distraction and attempted alienation of himself: a stimulating television, refrigerator appetizing, the hypnotist computer, the sticky telephone conversations, the prodigious imagination ...
Although the patient gets "pushed" to the hospital for their phobias, has to want to continue, and want to have rules that must be respected. In the treatment center, tasks are planned, times filled with therapy groups, written assignments, individual therapies, workshops and some surprise activities. In his spare time, the priority goes to the living, for sport, some tours, contact with nature ...
It is intended, with this wealth of approaches, the patient tear horizons, questioning whether, to restore life goals, wants more distant (to finish a course, get a job, get married ...) or mates (which will make this afternoon or on weekend), so that, by setting demanding but realistic plans, it can advance to the second step, which is the most difficult: to act!

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