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Fear and Phobias

For phobia means an exaggerated fear to people, objects, animals or places, triggered by an unrealistic perception of its danger. The suffix "phobia" comes from the Latin, Greek scientific and phobia, but they mean the same: intense fear - or irrational - instinctive aversion, hostility or morbid reaction.
Fear alone, "simple" is felt by all people, is normal and desirable, because it helps protect from harm. It is an expedient of the survival instinct to protect precisely the situations where the life or integrity of the person may be running some kind of risk. When this begins fear looms, however, disturbing the individual's life, ie, to the opposite effect, may also be considered a phobia.
The excessive fear, a marked and persistent object or an event triggers an immediate response to phobic anxiety and possibly - depending on the severity of symptoms - a panic attack (which can contribute a feeling of impending doom). In addition to corroborate this picture thought that is dysfunctional in the genesis of the phobia, the phobic will reinforce the belief that it is exposure to the stimulus that represents the life-threatening. So, now consciously avoid any source of fear, and can make contact with pets, traveling by plane, take injections, seeing blood, socializing, walking in open spaces or on the contrary, afford to be other closed Finally, it tends to get away from everything that causes the discomfort of this immense anxiety.
It is the anticipation of a future danger that activates a set of anxiogenic reactions with different formats: palpitations, loss of appetite, flushing, dizziness, abdominal pain, to name just a few examples. As we approach the clash (the day of the exam, the conversation long delayed), those thousands of pairs of eyes focused on the silhouette of the phobic, repeatedly waiting for the words (which persist in not crossing the threshold of the throat .. .) grows the threatening event, making it sometimes intolerable. So that the idea of ​​out the back, despite the humiliations and complications, there is (almost) always as the most pacifying.
The starting point is related to the meanings that are attributed to events that are experienced. In anxiety disorders can be identified two elements: firstly, the fear that at the very perception of the reality of the danger surrounding and, secondly, the anxiety that is experienced when the fear is activated. The heartbeat usually serve as a thermometer the temperature of the fear, and may indicate the need to give a complete answer, with possible use of professional support.

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