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Social Phobia - The anxiety of being with people

Social phobia is considered a social anxiety disorder. It can be triggered by experiences of humiliation - lived in public or made generally known - especially if reiteradas.Perante humiliation, physical or verbal, self-esteem of (a) humiliated (a) suffers a vicious attack and he (she ) starts to depreciate and depreciate. On the other hand, the attitude of the person who contributes to the humble (a) humiliated (a) form a generalized concept of all those around you as strong and aggressive. The concept of himself (a) is thus passed on the little personal value that is assigned and the feeling of powerlessness anyone. This feeling fragile, merged with the perception of others as strong and hostile, is exceedingly common phobia there social.Embora genetic and biochemical factors that predispose to disease, social phobia can be mitigated through psychological and psychotherapeutic processes that help , among other things, to control and prevent the frame forward panic attacks. There are many treatments for social phobia, who undertake more about the pharmacology, the others psychotherapy, others combine both. The point is that some people, for constraints of their particular metabolic process can not tolerate the drugs. The effectiveness of each approach depends on several variables, including the nature of the patient and empathy established between him and (s) occupation (s) that is (are) to follow. The outcomes differ also from patient to patient, making it very difficult to evaluate because of the lack of reliable tools to perform this medição.Mais recently, has already adopted the philosophy of the 12 Steps Gange & Grow in the treatment of adding behavioral with results quite satisfatórios.Não there is evidence that social phobia is hereditary, although there are some epidemiological data suggest that. It takes into account that the child builds his personality in a family holding certain values, beliefs, feelings and emotions common to all elements of the household, so that, for example, a parent suffering from Social phobia is not designating hereditariedade.A social phobia is generating great uncertainty, the uncertainty at any time, the person with this disease is likely to confront any situation for themselves, a danger. Despite the attempt to equip all possible defenses, and of avoiding social contacts, there is life and obligations they impose, often to take chances, which triggers a massive anxiety. Most social phobics live in a permanent state of alert.

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