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Treatment for Phobias

Anxiety has an adaptive function, so the understanding of the meanings of the geography of fear will be the key to dealing with the various manifestations of anxiety. This is the script. When you anticipate a particular manifestation: redness, pain, sweating, sweating, dizziness, ..., the probability of it occurring is higher. It makes no sense to attack the manifestations of anxiety, but the significance of the symptoms ... The only surgery, and urgent, is the interior.
In this perspective, it is crucial that the patient phobia to question about the reasons to feel threatened in social relations, than it is concerned - it is the public manifestation of their (perceived) lack the exposure to ridicule, the unveiling of the ball their ideas (or worse, its absence), the confrontation with the rawness of its limitations ...
Self-discovery is very important in the treatment of phobias. It is essential to learning that allows the patient to an authentic liberation from the past as well as the assimilation of his phobia, the level of awareness and acceptance, the first and indispensable step to overcome. It makes all the difference to recognize that phobias are common and are not characteristic of crazy people. They deal with some ease, being the mainstay of treatment of phobias change negative thoughts into positive ones.
The most common treatment for phobias is cognitive behavioral therapy, which reveals a very satisfactory efficacy. The cognitive component of the restructuring work aberrant thoughts, while the behavioral aims exposure, gradually, in a safe and controlled environment, the situations that trigger fear. This is helped by desensitization exercises and techniques to control anxiety. The psychodynamic approach, also widely used, influences the level of understanding of all the symbolism associated with the disease and its symptoms.
In the treatment of phobias, the patient will still learn to control your breathing (deep breathing helps you to calm yourself when you begin to feel anxiety and helps relieve the symptoms of panic). Relaxation techniques and activities such as yoga, meditation and relaxation are quite beneficial to the significant reduction of signs of panic attacks. To prevent tobacco and are products containing caffeine as well as drugs having stimulating (... diet pills) since the occurrence of stress affections.
Phobias included in anxiety disorders, are causing great suffering for the patient and family, have a person in the world of your fears and you are likely to turn the everyday inside out. In the treatment, the phobic is able to regain their sanity and their lives.

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