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treatment Prescription medication

While it is normal consumption of prescription medication for the treatment of various diseases, when necessary and in a responsible manner, there are those who, through self medication, improperly consume a few drugs and continued more or less specific purposes , so come to develop a physical and psychological dependence of these same drugs.

This dependency (addition) is more and more serious concern in the field of public health, since the use of medicines being socially accepted there is a tendency to tumble and even conceal this type of use and dependence. 

Unfortunately and as everyone knows, there were many public figures, national and international reputation, who have not achieved the degree of honesty and humility necessary to the admissibility of his dependence on drugs that could lead to an eventual treatment, eventually die of overdose. 

In VillaRamadas, we believe that all those who identify and acknowledge their dependence on physical, psychological and emotional development of drugs may, with the aid of an integrative model - Change & Grow - which implies a profound change of heart, be totally free of their addiction, which , in most cases, is associated with depression, anxiety, frustration, or mourning processes poorly handled and / or not exceeded.

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for the therapeutic approach of these cases to be effective, there is a recognition, acceptance and processing of reason (or reasons) behind this misuse, obsessive and compulsive consumption of drugs.

In doing so, the patient will then initiate a self-discovery and a consequent greater self-knowledge that will lead to a change and inner growth, which otherwise could never achieve.

When you finish your treatment, patients are encouraged to attend the groups of self - help in particular, NA (Narcotics Anonymous) and CGA (Change & Grow), as well as to attend the After-Care regularly held monthly in VillaRamadas.

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