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Admission for Medication Dependency

Anxiety, depression, fatigue, disappointment or a process of unresolved grief may be the kick-off for the start of drug dependence. It is, however, by taking medications that the difficulty resulted from the addition to the problem disappears! On the contrary, is postponed (in many cases and is rejected) solution.
An aggravating factor of this whole sham is the prescription of drugs without restraint or scruple. There are indeed many clinicians who are interested primarily dividends from commissions from the pharmaceutical industry or the attractive prizes promised by prescribing a certain amount of a particular remedy. It follows the useless join the unpleasant, as regards the treatment of the patient's bottom.
Hospitalization for drug dependence, in turn, takes exactly the whole person and then to supervise their detoxification, prepares it for an autonomy that she could not remember who could have. Instead of quick fixes and miraculous, the drug addict knows that embarks on an arduous climb towards its liberation and happiness, but also their fears, doubts and insecurities are, on all sides where to turn, echo colleagues to identify with the feelings expressed.
An individual who enters a hospital for drug dependency is generally no reason to live, feeling that has no utility, which is a horrible person, cold and unable to be moved. On the other hand, may feel simultaneously someone loving, intelligent, affable, without others to see, however, these characteristics in themselves and therefore did not surrender all due respect.
With so many drugs at hand, the danger of deciding to end the suffering taking large doses, sometimes lethal, is enormous.
In an age when consumed everything except common sense, hospitalization for drug dependence points prudent alternative, more effective responses and more lasting than the "solutions on the eve of exams." Not masked in touch with the realities that are emerging in the center of treatment, the patient "training" and "rehearse" the control of anxiety without any anxiolytic chemical, and learns to deal with what used to leave disoriented.
The admission to the dependence of the medication is intended, above all, instilling in addicted to pills responsibility for conducting your life that is in your hand and not wander to how events develop. He learns that he is the first governor of his life, which is not always easy. Life is getting faster and limited - too limited -, everything runs at a crazy speed and not much time to talk about your stuff, or worse, there is no one. After internment in the center, however, the patient knows that will never be alone and that, taking the phone or in person using a colleague or therapist, a voice will always be available, some ears, one hand outstretched, a hug guaranteed. From here you can begin the story of a narrative of hope.

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