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Dependence Medication

Since the beginning of the world that drugs have the power to fascinate people. The effects stimulants or tranquilizers are known almost since prehistoric times. Since the pagan priests of antiquity that used in their rituals, the doctors of today who use them to relieve the pain, the drugs always provided a service to humanity worthy of relief.
The medicinal use of drugs or ritual was always lower than its use as a narcotic. This is a problem that all ages had to face.
In our society has increased the use of drugs called "light". Because they are legalized, they are cheaper and easier to find. The main drugs in this category are alcohol, tobacco and drugs, especially amphetamines (to encourage concentration and weight loss, antidepressants).
In a few years now, seems to have become fashionable resort to supplements for further study. The young, even younger ones, feel they need a "helping hand" to promote the memory, and the sale of psychostimulants increased significantly, suspecting that they are using drugs for the treatment, for example, attention deficit Hyperactivity to enhance its ability to study. This table can chalk the beginning of a drug dependency.
Indeed, the feeling to learn better at the expense of amphetamines is illusory. It is a doping which may even stimulate the short term memory, but not necessarily operates on cognitive ability. In addition, passing the drug effect, is the memory of what has been studied! After all, intelligence is not yet sold in tablet ...
Anyone familiar with the use of other drugs is no coincidence! Even by habituation to the drugs originate. A week may be the time required to create a dependence on medication, but this period varies with the personal characteristics of each. The health effects are likely to include severe liver problems, psychotic episodes and a wide range of other complications. The possible euphoria driven by the energy of amphetamines is likely to merge with states of deep depression when you lose that energy.
In the extreme dependence on medication, take up medicine for all the shares daily - the pill to wake up, shower, the breakfast, and so swallow up who is to bring sleep.
Contrary to what one might think, this dependence, just like any other, can lead the person who suffers it to become indebted and very, or not they were a real plus, with all the contours that define the obsession.

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