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treatment Relapse

For those individuals who discontinued their recovery process and unfortunately relapsed, there is the possibility of returning to your path, since it will acquire an awareness of the true reason why relapsed. 

In VillaRamadas, the duration of the program depends on the relapse period of time in which the individual has been fallen and is made​​, or not, their previous treatment at VillaRamadas. 

The person who needs this kind of help needs to be supported by people you trust to take the necessary decisions in order to recover and restore his sobriety. 

This program, supported in our therapeutic method - Change & Grow - based on the discovery of the reasons that caused the relapse, and a new view of preventing the same, taking into account that, through this new program is developed a deep and honest interpretation of signals notice and specific symptoms of recovery and relapse. 

At the end of this program, and that every effort, humility and courage to face it again have not been in vain, it is recommended that regular attendance of meetings of NA - Narcotics Anonymous, AA - Alcoholics Anonymous - and CG - Grow & Change, and After-Care monthly VillaRamadas.

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