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Hospitalization for Relapse

The compulsion, an integral part of the addition, is the inability to stop the behavior dictated by the obsession. It is, therefore important that the addict be removed from their natural environment for a period of time, precisely because of this aspect of the disease, by the hospital in a treatment center.
At admission to relapse, the living together of equals plays a very relevant when it comes to (re) consider the other as just as important in your life as we in ours. Resizes the value of life and what can undermine it, directly or indirectly. Resumes to emotional balance. Rescue is the awareness that recovery is not synonymous with being "clean", ie, abstinent.
Naturally, a person who enters a hospital to relapse emotionally devastated and in complete loss of identity can not aspire to own all fronts of his relapse at the same time, failing to disperse resources and reduce the chances of success.
There are some uncomplicated strategies capable of establishing the difference between a lapse and a relapse. The family may eventually participate in contingency plans for strengthening the mechanisms of regulation and control staff.
However, during hospitalization for relapse, the addict collects several tools to help in this difficult phase and in the future.
Your process will begin by the stabilization (after detoxification, if applicable), which is to regain full control of their thoughts, feelings, memory, self-criticism and behaviors. The fear, the anger, disappointment and guilt of fallen make you recognize that need help. With this help, the addict will unravel what led to relapse, passing his story of addiction, as well as the specific warning signs (that should be able to give concrete examples). These signals are not equal for everyone, but always indicate a process of relapse, and are signs of trouble (the depths of the addict or external situations) and symptoms that can lead to relapse.
The therapeutic community is the ideal place to test several alternative administration of the warning signs, to practice and adjust the solutions until they become a habit. For example, if you need an answer to a very high level of stress, it must be exercised when the stress is still low.
During hospitalization for relapse, the person will perceive more information about your addiction and the different components that it contains, because it is necessary to understand the relapse to be able to prevent and deal with it. In addition, within the group, the individual has fallen the opportunity to apply with the utmost honesty, everything you learned, without denial, with the involvement and support from others.
Take personal inventory twice a day is another great help to detect and correct problems before they reach unmanageable proportions. In the morning, reading the book of meditations is a good start to summarize the plans for the day and at night, the review of the tasks performed and the feelings will identify what went well and what needs to be improved. Write a daily reflection is very good for a deeper awareness of these issues. Relapse of signs develop unconsciously.
When you're not in recovery, is in danger of relapsing. They are two sides of the same coin. Build a network of intervention with people with whom they have daily contact is important to maintain sobriety and avoid relapse. They may also assist in the review of relapse prevention plan. Only in habit and structure a daily program of sobriety is possible to achieve liberation from slavery so notorious disease of addiction.
The admission to relapse can function as a step back to gain perspective, to see that with a little push our hand can touch the top of the wall and open the desired path to the opposite side.

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