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Overcoming Relapse

Relapse, contrary to what one might think, does not happen from one moment to another. It is a process that has a multitude of reasons, which often is not itself able to identify.

What happens most often is the quick judgment of situations for relapse, even without thinking on guilt and shame that has relied on hypothetical experiences or responsibility that family, friends and colleagues may have in this act of desperation.

Because of desperation is what it is. And the "bench coach" will, often, alvitrando: "It is a weak ',' If I had strength of will not reach this point ',' Why are you so it has everything to be happy?" ... These superficial approaches and more or less paternalistic psychological issues do not help anything. Rather, it is important to understand what triggers the behaviors limit.

The labels do not contribute to peer learning of the withdrawal. This withdrawal will be installing on various areas of life, hope and exhausting depleting alternatives. Sadness helps make the tone darker, until it reaches the last withdrawal: a living.

Several warning signs of a relapse are appearing, but are rarely recognized. Then the addict reaches a stage where you only see three destinations for you: madness, suicide or return to adding active, thinking that it is less painful "use" than to endure such atrocious suffering. The individual feels completely crushed, without seeing or believing that there is output.

After an apparent recovery, the addict back to being sick or feeling bad. Since adding a chronic disease, relapse lurks as a real danger that can lead to death.
Initially, relapse manifested by can not think clearly or deal with their feelings, sleep disturbances and memory, difficulty dealing with stress and to coordinate the movements, and the invasion of shame, guilt and despair (is the internal dysfunction).

Later, he returns to a state of denial, not having the ability to be honest with yourself or with others about the thoughts and feelings that are robbing.
You can now not even want to think or talk about their discomfort and does everything to avoid having to look inside themselves, concerned with others, assumes compulsive behaviors, isolated, lifting lines of defense around him. ..

The depression, however, to accommodate. The addict begins to lose all sense of reality and the true proportion of things. Look more to the negative and fail to feel anything. Following this, it is unable to act, believing that nothing can be resolved and allowing useless daydreams that open the door to anxiety, life controls you instead of being controlled by it.

Upset and angry, the individual begins to overreact and confusion is inevitable. The depression is accentuated to the point where you change the daily habits of eating, hygiene, rest ... with gradual loss of daily structure.
Then the addict loses in full control of his behavior; ceases to be proactive in their recovery, is apathetic and disinterested, rejecting help, feel dissatisfied with life, helpless and desperate.

At some point this process of relapse, the addict recognizes their loss of control - breaking the denial - and goes into self-pity. Lies aware repopulate the day-to-day. Finding himself trapped in the pain and inability to cope with life, develops irrational resentments, stops the recovery and dives into the sea of ​​loneliness, frustration, anger and permanent tension. It can only fall back on the "use", with the probable physical and emotional collapse. Here, in addition to health problems and family, professional, social and all areas of the life of an addict, he thinks he has no value and that "lost for a hundred, a thousand lost."

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