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Treatment for Relapse

When an addict is assailed by thoughts that suggest that it be here or not is so important to those around you as to the Nepalese, is synonymous with their arguments need arejo, it is necessary to use technical assistance.
They are thoughts of this nature that often trigger negative feelings so that can not withstand "dry." Hence the person think that can not stand without appealing to something that a joy. What you need, however, is support from someone you trust to make the best decisions regarding the restoration of their sobriety, that is, a treatment for relapse.
The basis of a program of relapse based, necessarily, in the discovery of the reasons that led to it, as well as the prevention of relapses, through honest acknowledgment of the warning signs of relapse. Symptoms and circumstances are very specific from case to case, and work to develop still depends on the time that the individual was fallen.
In the treatment for the relapse is intended, in general, help the addict to detect early signs of relapse, to learn to deal with situations of risk and respond to the temptations of a healthy way, working their resources and skills to emotional level, cognitive and behavioral lifestyles and to maintain appropriate.
Any reliance translates into a serious health problem, rather complex, involving all aspects of functioning. Therefore, it is the addict who has to become responsible for their recovery, assuming the role of your treatment. In this perspective, it initiates a path with various steps, which is not linear. The duration of this process is variable, but the advances and setbacks are a guarantee.
The environment of trust that is established treatment for a relapse is critical. The emotional support is actually the base that holds everything else and allows a closer relationship between people. This proximity, which can quickly convert into intimacy, the aid facilitates the identification of risk situations, which can be overcome with technical control and extinction of stimuli, with strategies that enable them to avoid these situations and leave. The addict can not afford to miss opportunities to learn this creative tactics to circumvent the temptations, risk situations and setbacks, because every opportunity that presents itself may be the last!
What happens with some frequency is that as abstinence is prolonged in time, appears fatigue, accompanied by a decreased level of alertness, and divests itself in the recovery process.
After treatment for relapse is desirable not to lose contact with the bases and take advantage of after-care whenever possible.

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