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The therapeutic program Renewal applies both to those individuals who have suffered some kind of addiction (chemical, behavioral or emotional), as for all others who simply wish to live life in solving their problems. 

Everyone experiences periods of life particularly difficult, such as divorce, unemployment, economic hardship or even loss of a loved one, these periods that can "shake" our internal structure, leaving us more susceptible and vulnerable.

In VillaRamadas, we believe that a specialized therapeutic support in these difficult times, may be essential to minimize any damage that might otherwise be much more devastating. 

The aim of our program of renewal, supported by our own therapeutic model - Change & Grow - aims to release the entire "cargo" negative accumulated over time, renewing it for a new "load" positive, we achieves a better, healthier and more balanced quality of life compared with what we had before. 

This program is structured, organized and planned to fit within the constraints of the lifestyle and work commitments of each of the individuals who resort to it. 

The duration of the renewal program is agreed in advance in consultation with the treatment team, which may range from one to several weeks.

In the post-treatment, is suggested as a therapeutic support continued, regular attendance of meetings of CG - Change & Grow and frequency of the After-Care monthly VillaRamadas.

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