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Internment of Renewal

When an addict who has a spiritual base treatment, as is the case of the 12 Steps, no longer feel accomplished at that level, perhaps it is time to thwart the inclinations of their disease and regain their freedom, goodwill, creativity Rail and personal growth. With a renewal period of hospitalization, tailored to your needs and your life, the individual can progress into daily practice the 12 Steps, restore the reasonableness of your expectations and fill up the inside.
There are no universal recipes, but there are features and options common to most of the winners, which transmit joy and materialize the understanding that happiness is something that is rooted within oneself.
Thus, any renewal claims a personal decision to take in all the circumstances of life a positive, constructive. The fears and irrational beliefs in relation to failure, rejection, ridicule and also to the good stuff (that both frighten!) Preclude participation in self-creation of each one. At admission to renew the addict will be encouraged to decide and reinvent aspects of your life.
In terms of determination - that enables perseverance in the face of difficulties and losses, realizing that life is cyclical and will always have everything - the internment of renovation to the hospital provides a retrospective of his life, so that he realizes it, itself, which could have done differently, which is failing to achieve their dreams and desires and also the strengths that appeal. The dedication, coupled with determination, requires, often, huge sacrifices, but not the best results could be obtained without the best investment ... Persistence is key to success.
Discipline is the lifeblood of any recovery. No rules, method, routine, wasting a lot of time, energy and sometimes unique opportunities! The length of hospital revives the need and direction of this discipline (not to be confused with rigidity).
Good humor helps to relativize situations and bridge the gap in communication. An excess is likely to seriously limit the creative ability, "formatting" in humans (almost) automata. In addition, good humor causes the brain to produce a hormone responsible for the well-being.
The internment of renewal will also be a valuable aid in stimulating the enthusiasm, which is nothing more than a manifestation of divine power that lives within every person.
Solidarity is another facet quite relevant, as it translates the base of the 12 Step Program: love. True solidarity without implicit interests, which drives the individual to give of their time, their gifts, their inspiration, and sometimes for their goods, others, gives the approximation of a Higher Power and a more thorough understanding the real meaning of life. In the treatment center, you can put solidarity into practice in various areas: in therapy groups, in mini-groups, living in the evenings, workshops, in contact with the newcomers, etc..
Faith comes also strengthened for a hospital renovation. It assists a more peaceful future, the unknown, the uncertainties, difficulties and wisdom that allows the transformation of misfortunes into opportunities. Faith makes the character stronger, consolidated views and is the main source of renewal of life.
The establishment of goals and achievable objectives, time-wise, is another area in which the hospital may prove exceedingly useful. The life projects include the spiritual, emotional, family, professional, social ...
In short, regardless of age and recovery time, every addict is the artist of your life and renewal turns out to be a blank slate where he is asked to draw what he thinks is the best route for you.

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