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The renewal requires a specific treatment plan, to each individual who has in the past suffered from any kind of addiction (chemical, emotional or behavioral) and that for some reason, you need to recall and revive within himself the elements assimilated when its treatment. It is generally people crossing times of intense pain and confusion, not to be protected, at risk of relapse, or at least not be happy its recovery. The assistance of a renewal program is likely to make a difference in the life of an addict going through difficulties that often appear larger than he thinks he can bear.
The renewal programs are flexible and arranged according to requirements and availability of each patient. The constraints and times vary from one to another, as well as the amount and depth of issues to work.
In practice, the addict in trouble you want to relearn how to live according to the parameters he has experienced that were calm and free; wonder renew itself every day, because he knows that recovery is something every day. No one eats bread for 10 years! So is the recovery: daily. A cavity in a tooth is not resolved to wash it thirty times in succession or swallowing a tube of toothpaste, there you go making sure that the acid of the bits of food does not settle and go eroding ... But, for various circumstances , it is possible that the restoration path to overshadow and routes become poorly defined, if baralhem. This is where the help of experienced professionals.
The fact of knowing that you are not alone, to share what they think, feel, crave, getting honest feedback - which may not even match what it wanted to hear, but that surely is what you need listen - is one of the great gains of a program renocação. This guideline is dispassionately guarantee of effective assistance whose fruits include gains at the level that was requested assistance and other more "side".
It is important to recognize that need help and seek it as soon as possible. The faster you attack the ball better tangle. Despair strikes the soul with the voracity of the ivy, when our connections to those around us, society, have the consistency of a thread woven by a spider. Do not just tell us that we are important, we have to experience that, here, here and there, make a difference, know, feel that when there are smiles that are not born in our absence. Additionally, a renewal program allows those who do support the other patients, and help others is always less give them things and much, much more, ask them for help. Thus, we establish a symbiosis broadly useful for all.
In Formula 1, even after so many drills and taking millions of cars to deal with the mechanics, pilots always do a warm-up lap before the race. Often, these laps of the circuit, are made small adjustments that otherwise would require the withdrawal of the pilot or lead to skidding and disasters. The renewal is like a warm-up lap.

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