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Treatment of Renewal

A treatment of any addiction brings, generalíssima rule, a maturity and an awareness that had not before. You fight for correcting defects, circumvent obstacles, avoid conflicts and govern the behavior for something that is despised or even unaware of: affection, love.
The vicissitudes of life may, however, hinder the practical application of all principles learned and let the person without knowing what to think, feel and do. At this point, it would consider a good treatment of renovation in order to again be able to believe in yourself, in life, in people, which allows recovering the innocence and enthusiasm of the new host as a sign of hope. Additionally, relearning to identify opportunities and not squander when and how they arise.
Trust is often another (re) conquest measurable treatment of renewal. Adversity, the betrayals by those who should offer security and many contingencies arise, often, again the wall of suspicion and distrust, with all the inherent fears and blocks. The unknown is no longer challenging to pass to be threatening. The mind closes and personal growth stagnates. In this context, the choice should be accommodation, which is like a prison who says to a routine that rarely bring any happiness. And if one is not happy addict in recovery, relapse begins to peek.
In the treatment of renewal, the addict will lose the fear of being open to innovations, is because they allow the renewal of life, which may not always be lived in the same way. The events are different, different actors, different messages, different prisms, so each moment is unique and not repeated, then why not try a new style to face the challenges?
The frights and traumas depend largely distorted view of who goes on what is factual and that quickly becomes emotional response. The size of these events is given for each one according to his own sensitivity, vulnerability values, education, personality etc..
Nevertheless, despite the life is only one, with the colors that can be several tingimos. Creativity and willingness are the watchwords to renew, reinvent life.
The origin of many cracks existential - responsible for many imbalances - is the society we live in, more forward-possessions, power, immediate pleasure, when recovery is consistent, unequivocally, to be. Not that for this it is necessary "to pretend to believe."
Napoleon was an expert in the art of bluffing. Simulated outbreaks to dilute attack enemy forces on the ground and at that time concentrated all its columns to a point, managing to rip the armies as if they were sheets of paper. Similarly, treatment of renewal helps to establish priorities and steps to anticipate the consequences of his own acts.
After the renovation program will be useful to continue to attend the after-care and 12-step meetings, in order to give continuity.

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