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treatment Self-Harm

Self-mutilation is a behavior that we find in those causes, purposely, a deep physical pain as a form of momentary relief to a deep, agonizing and continuous emotional pain that can not overcome. 

All those who self-mutilate often suffer in silence, in complete solitude, and feel totally misunderstood by both the families and friends. 

In VillaRamadas through the use and application of our own integrative therapeutic model - Change & Grow - guide the patients in a therapeutic program unique, personalized and proven results, a situation in which we are internationally recognized, helping those who suffer from this type of behavior to overcome them by strengthening their self-esteem and their self esteem and also the establishment of objectives for the future. 

At the completion of treatment successfully, it is recommended that regular attendance of meetings of Change and Grow and the presence in our After-Care monthly, in support of the reintegration phase of social, family and professional. 

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