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Admission to Self Mutilation

When someone constantly walking long sleeves even in summer, with hot temperatures, bearing repeated scars or lesions that can not explain, is isolated and avoids exposure of the body, like going to the beach or the pool, which is suspicious automutile.
Self-mutilation may appear imiscuída with symptoms of depression and social phobia. In the genesis of all, is an ongoing suffering, desperation persistent. There's a whole history of intense and prolonged grief, absolute disbelief in themselves, in others and in life, disturbed sleep and appetite, guilt, and sometimes suicidal thoughts expressed in words. These messages are always of value, not myths or taboos, but creating a proximity that allows to discuss the topic without criticism or judgment.
The admission for this self-mutilation favors proximity to the patient with the group and with professionals, and family therapy with the team and himself, through information and awareness that will be provided.
The conspiracy of silence feeds the ignorance and it is terrible when it comes to identify the signs that could prevent self-mutilation and suicide. This, in turn, cultivates the inability to help. It's always easier to deny, devalue and silence. The inconvenience resulting from an awareness of the problem are frequently rejected, even subconsciously. Support, however, presupposes openness and ability to appreciate symptoms - such as an apparent decrease in school performance and social isolation - and talk about it.
It is a source of pride and rest for a young parents who do not like going out at night because you are away from an environment in which they drink, smoke and even can consume other substances, apart from not getting into trouble, but the refusal of contact with people of his age and lack of friends may indicate that something is not right.
When it comes to discover that walketh not in the best way to run, since the individual is often haunted by the torture of his body. It's the shock of discovery, combined with a feeling of not knowing what to do, which leads many families to seek hospitalization for self-mutilation. In other cases, one sees himself grappling with his impotence and makes a plea for help, seeing a treatment center for their last hope.
It is essential to restore the patient's emotional ties with family, which by disability, distraction, or whatever may have been neglected, leading to feelings of abandonment and isolation. This is one of the objectives of hospitalization for self-mutilation, giving time and space to the patient and family to restructure and create conditions conducive to change. On the other hand, the admission provides the individual the ability to insert in another family, wider, more diverse, which is the group with which interact during the residence time.
Psychotherapy - the patient will help to identify more effective ways of dealing with frustrations - the dynamics with the other members of the group, leisure activities and sports are some strengths of the hospital, which will, in a secure manner to the development potential of the addict and to build a solid self-esteem.

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