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Treatment of Self Mutilation

There are many cases of self-mutilation that every day, are admitted in emergency rooms of hospitals, without respect of age or gender. Self-mutilation stems from the failure to develop healthy strategies for dealing with anxiety, revealing a weakness in personality. This habit, become a pattern, it is extremely difficult to leave, because the trend will invariably resort to this expedient to relieve the increasing pressure that life has tested individuals prone to such compulsion.
In the treatment of self-mutilation, the most important is the cognitive-behavioral therapy, and work that lets you discover the origin of the problem. Whether it is unknown whether those who suffer most are cutting with the boys or girls, it is certain that the main victims are in adolescence, the age of emotions.
Studies indicate a relationship, not causality, between said heavy appreciation for music, risk behaviors and suicidal ideation. The question is not so much have these ideas to hear this or that style of music, if not the musical tastes give an indication of the feelings of the adolescent.
The approach to life and to represent and see death and suicide does not necessarily mean that the individual wants to die. What happens often is you want to get rid of the life he has, and that grieves you too, not to the irreversible death, but for the death of a reality that the initiation of another. In other words, there would die to die, but die to be reborn. Unfortunately, it is an illusion whose action may not be back ...
Treatment aims to provide self-injury to the individual who practices cutting ways to overcome moments of his anguish in a more appropriate and constructive, giving you the technical support you need to, himself, uncover viable alternatives for healthy living and happy. The professional help will never removes the responsibility of the person itself, the conduct of its existence and its happiness! This accountability is what the short term, will return as a crippled self-esteem.
In the treatment of self-injury, the patient benefits from an ear specialist who subsidizes a reflection of your feeling and action, helping to structure balanced responses to the most painful episodes of his own life. The pain is better tolerated when given a name. The challenge is to define its borders without the person was angry with herself hopelessly and / or with the world around it.

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