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What is Self-Mutilation?

Self-mutilation is to inflict physical suffering through knives, scissors, cigarette butts and other elements of torture, applying cuts and burns on her body, so that pain can somehow mitigate the torment that the psychological is to suffer. The anguish and the feeling of emptiness, incompleteness present themselves so that the sharpest people who think only automutilam even greater suffering to clear another who can not manage.
Although it is aggression directed toward himself, and therefore of suicidal behavior, the goal of self-mutilation is not suicide, but the relativity of psychological and emotional pain. There are, however, the real danger of the consequences of a cut made in more depth in a danger zone, because at some point, individuals who resort to such "anesthetic painful" no longer feel pain. In addition, this micro-suicide may, with the continuing frustration of not being able to solve problems, even lead to suicide.
On the basis of self-mutilation is a very low self-esteem and belief that one deserves to suffer, rather than die. Physical punishment is a sign of it. Contrary to what one might think, however, patients do not carry it out to show off. In fact, they seek areas of the body covered over - legs, belly - and others, like the arms and wrists are covered with long sleeves to hide the scars. In addition, the acts are committed in the bedroom and bathroom, away from the eyes of others.
There is an aspect of self-mutilation in which entries in the body act as factors of identification within a group, suffering and confusion of aesthetics. The scarification is a scar likened to a tattoo, only performed with a scalpel. The branding also painful, stamps the skin with a hot iron, as is done with cattle.
There, this repertoire of self-destruction, several ways to access a temporary relief, a short distance itself, the sorrow of the soul. And even though the statistics indicate a decrease in the number of suicides, there are risk indicators that are increasing, as is the case of para-suicide, ie the self-injury. It is estimated to reach to take notice of only one in four cases of this nature.
It is common for the pathology of self-mutilation appear in conjunction with eating disorders, which adds importance to the attention of parents, educators, family and friends. Learn to detect the warning signs is likely to make the difference between life and death. Patients seek to hide the cuts and burns as they can - some for several years - a secret that gives them power, control. The point is that all this is illusory and there are outputs for a condition that defies death at every stroke, every gesture of the extinction of his own person.

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