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Admission for Sex Addiction

In a global era, where almost everything is within reach of a button, has been developing over the exterior of the interior, that is what you see and can measure more than what one thinks and feels. As experts say, the focus goes more to the product than to the process. There is little sensitivity to intimacy. It is understood as an intimate personal space, built to suit each one, where silence is not threatening, but why meeting with yourself, improvement, personal growth. Today flees from the silence and looking up in neon intoxication of the moment: news, information, noise, run, do have ... The balance of life is dangerously out of balance to the outside, stripping the interior. That is to say everything that happens is always a symptom of something. This look at life with "glasses-thermometer" suggests that we do not zanguemos with what happens to us but that we try to understand. First understand, then act. This is should be the diet of the processes of change.
Proposed change is exactly the basis for the admission of sex addiction. In an ambience totally different from yours, the patient is challenged to meet with himself, with the person of another, he used "objectizar" with life as it is with good and evil that is in everything. The addict is also urged to understand to what extent is able to share with other little nothings that make everything, to himself and to others, during treatment and throughout life. Suddenly, the scale of things will change and their vision changes. Comes into contact with another world, sleeping with values, with unsuspected priorities, with a less frightening reality.
In addition, the patient's attention is dispersed necessarily by peers, by individual and group therapies, by written work and reading, the task at sports and activities that do not even remember it existed and could have so much fun. Thus, the obsession has less scope for action; be constantly thinking the same thing is the surest way to perpetuate the memory.
At admission for sex addiction, the addict will have professional support to map a route of your problem: frequency, location (s), sparking the next ... to think about the reasons, the amount they can contribute to the madness that happens, and especially to scrutinize the causes closest and perhaps distant in time.
In some cases, hospitalization for sex addiction stems from the need for risk containment, the other main purpose is to divert suicidal intent, other is still a complete rupture that motivates hospitalization. Anyway, what matters is to explore the feelings, trying to understand how best to give them voice, because, as an African saying "when the mouth can not speak, other body part will do."

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