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Sex Addiction Treatment

The addition of sex is to live sexuality as an obsession and not as a game, a moment of communication, exchange of intimacy. This obsession becomes the organizing element of the first day, and all other activities (eating, sleeping, working, having fun ...) secondary. Common sense, reason and judgment are completely at the mercy of sexual goals, that exceed and crush.
The addition of sex may be associated with other branches (including drugs, work compulsive shopping, sex, internet, set) as well as food and psychiatric disorders, but in any case always the consequences are serious. In physical terms, the dependence of sex exposes you to sleep problems, high blood pressure, physical exhaustion, ulcers, venereal diseases and infectious diseases, sexual dysfunction, among others.
From an emotional standpoint, stifles the feelings to the neglect and apathy. The immaturity, impatience, excessive demands, fear of rejection, isolation and despair are common.
The cognitive level, this dependence can interfere with mental processes, involving monitoring, mental acuity, attention and concentration. On the other hand, the continuity of the lie, deny, rationalize, minimize and design is likely to trigger paranoid thoughts, such as persecution mania.
Financially, it takes a lot of money through prostitution, pornography, sexual instruments, erotic phone calls, gifts for the eccentric (the) lovers, fuel, legal expenses ...
In the social sphere (family, friends, work), beyond time, the sex addict also subtracts attention and money, oblivious of his egotism and his inability to love effectively. When it comes to marriage, self-esteem affects both spouses and breathes an atmosphere of great tension. Children do not have a good example and, if the parent is dependent on sex despot, there is the possibility that they beat (or spouse) and / or sexually abuse them. Friendships are superfluous and only grown while generating compensation.
Treatment for sex addiction seeks to ban all of these and other consequences of this addition of life of patients and the primary objective of a return to healthy sexuality, by clear and conscious understanding of the reasons that caused the addiction. Treatment programs for sex addiction may suggest total abstinence for a certain period of time, but only until they relearn to live with sexuality, sexual anorexia because feeding dependence, in addition to many of the patients are married and stable emotional relationships. In these circumstances, the involvement of partners is crucial to the success of the whole process.
In treatment for sex addiction is intended that the individual should resume healthy relationships with people that are dear, you do not need to use dual identity or to feel ashamed, that does not make the illusion more real than reality itself , to understand and control their mood swings, you learn to relieve stress and not run away from painful feelings and intimate relationships difficult, which, above all, stop looking at people as objects to use his pleasure.

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