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Sex Addiction

The dependence of sex, also known as Hyperactive Sexual Desire, is an addition that is manifested by uncontrollable sexual motivation. The individual affected by this disease has a high level of desire and sexual fantasies, feeling the need to occupy much of his time with such practices.
Statistics say that most of these dependents is composed of men between 20 and 30 years, but women also suffer from this evil. The exaggeration of sexual desire in men surnames is erotomania and woman is called nymphomania. Note that alcohol and other drugs, sometimes help in uncontrolled.
The dependence of sex starts with the detection of withdrawal symptoms associated to the absence of sexual activity. However, reliance does not refer to both the quantity, but the quality of sex - low -, and the time and energy expended. It is common to manipulate the addict to have sex and not succeeding, buy this sex without any feeling associated. Physical intimacy contrasts with the enormous psychological distancing, and often do not even know the name of (a) partner (a). When endeavoring to control the sex urge, the addict is generally anxious or depressed. The daily lives and relationships of affection are, commonly, affected by the prevalence of sexual thoughts and feelings. Spectrum of behaviors of the individual may appear obsessive masturbation, exhibitionism, buying pornography, erotic services using telephone or Internet, voyeurism, sex with strangers or "sex workers", sexual abuse, sexual behavior in public sadomasochism and even rape, incest, abuse of children or adults with poor awareness ...
Depending on the sex life of the patient is oriented towards meeting the sexual appetite. In many cases you lose the ability to discern and to neglect family and work obligations. The individual can not have any control over their behavior and there is an experience of immediate gratification, narcissistic and short term. The uneasiness is mitigated only during those moments, and, after the euphoria, shame, guilt, sadness, remorse, sense of betrayal and cowardice and self-hatred take the reins of a new search of sexual stimuli in order to get a new bonus and more appeasement. The pulse will be repeated with increasingly shorter intervals (habituation takes the initial pleasure) and is likely to be triggered by stress, negative emotions and other incentives may be linked to music, dancing and pornography. The adverse effects on personal and social keep accumulating and stable relationships begin to be a mirage.
The sex-dependent, while climbing the many steps of the addition, it reaches a point where everything in your life is sacrificed to sex, making it unable to choose, decide, plan, think, know or seek opportunities. The fantasy and obsession provide you a state of change, a numbing sex, which lead him to do dangerous things, to ignore and distort reality and, in extreme cases, lose contact with her.
The dependence of sex creates a physical dependence similar to that of cocaine (whose withdrawal causes neurochemical balance disorders) and emotional (because it is without the "crutch" to cope with life and problems). In this regard, urges a professional support in the arrangement of ideas and feelings and the articulation of decisions.

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