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The addictive behavior and compulsive shopping, is adopted by some individuals as a way to avoid and escape from the reality check.

Arises, usually accompanied by a false sense of control, leading the individual to believe that if you buy a certain object or can solve their problems or make your life be filled in, complete and perfect.


Adrenaline and fantasy that surround this type of behavior, distort the sense of reality and cause a false and fleeting sense of euphoria and freedom of the problems of life. 

Buying compulsively is usually related to difficulties in managing feelings, which is why those who manifest this type of addition must be "taught" therapeutically to identify, process, manage and accept all feelings as a way to get rid of his compulsion, passing to recognize shopping so not as a mere act of 
 immediate satisfaction, but as a necessity. 

When you finish your treatment, patients are encouraged to regularly attend self-help groups, including CGA (Change & Grow), as well as to attend the After-Care held monthly in VillaRamadas.

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