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Admission to the dependence of Procurement

Request a third credit card accounts or have unknown family is likely to predict a behavior of dependence on shopping in late stage. This is a means to alleviate stress, to improve the mood, to find acceptance through the material. However, forget the shopping or hide them subterfuges are used by addicts to not address the problem. The compulsion of shopping is indeed a serious and progressive disease, like all addictions.
In this perspective, before the act of buying, the person feels restlessness, while making the purchase reigns insecurity (because you know what you are doing is wrong) and then comes the feeling of happiness (especially in the expensive goods), except that immediately The following is the guilt sets in, accompanied by shame and other unpleasant feelings. Meanwhile, "down" to reality, the addict realizes that their difficulties are still all there, plus more complications and "decrescidas" money. Still, can not stop. Need help.
The admission for the dependency of buying a ready puts brakes on indiscriminate purchases. The patient is taking, within the group, aware of their condition and the damage they caused themselves and others, gradually readjusting to life in society. Learn to deal with your anxiety, which will decrease the obsession with shopping. Will be assisted in finding appropriate behaviors to overcome the negative feelings that they wanted to keep away. It could even make plans for the money freely, reflecting on the meaning and value of this. Cease to be assaulted by the need to buy what others have to not feel diminished, but like them. Give up trying to buy love and power with sophisticated and expensive gifts. Understand that mistakes do not saldam debts.
The act of buying causes stress and leads to loss of one of the most precious assets: time, in addition to interfering in social and labor. The admission to the dependence of the purchases, which includes a cognitive-behavioral aspect, competes for a patient's cognitive restructuring, in particular as regards the strengthening of self-esteem, the emotional aspect and the work of painful feelings, finding healthy ways to satisfy their own needs, to learn to separate who you are than it has to recognize the impulses when they arise and to tolerate them without acting on them.
At admission to the dependence of the purchases, the addict may, with the tools they will however raising, developing strategies to combat manifestations of their disease, such as taking the spouse shopping with you (so that it gives its opinion on the need and / or the timing of purchase) to buy something for him after he bought for himself, paying with cash (even destroying credit cards), make a list of things to buy (to comply religiously!), go see the windows only when the shops are closed, postpone purchases whenever they announce a visit to relatives and friends, walk or engage in some physical exercise to suppress the urge to buy ...
The admission to the dependence of the purchases will enable the patient to re-educate feelings and impulses, to cultivate creativity, achieve serenity, to meet as an individual and, most importantly, enjoy themselves, which will eliminate the paradox of finding things that fill people!

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