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Dependence of Procurement

The dependence of the purchases can walk up to the fact that being more connected to women, masked several years under the auspices of an "addiction" common and, apart from the sums of money involved, funny and harmless. Who suffers from it, however, will lose control gradually, spending more money and time, sacrificing other activities and interests.
The dependence of the shopping is actually a way of expressing an uneasiness within, that we must overcome. While some associate this addition to the more impulsive, compulsive disorders patent evokes the obsessive-compulsive spectrum, it is not therefore a pleasure to pursue, but a ritual that relieves an agony.
There are several behaviors that may indicate a dependency problem of shopping euphoria with spending, heated discussions with others about one's shopping habits, lying about the amount paid for any good; buy wildly as a result of depression, anxiety, anger or loneliness ; feel naked (a) without a credit card, cash obsessively thinking, feelings of guilt, emptiness, shame or embarrassment after a shopping spree, violently rising tension that impels to action to buy, irresistible attraction for the objects that intends to acquire and demonstrate the same concern and a sense of urgency to buy ...
Either way, the existential void that tries to fill with things only retreated in the act and then it disappears immediately is the feeling of "satisfaction." Vai is losing control over the behavior and life in general. The ability of appreciation and criticism are compromised and it is common the use of justifications for the purchase, arguing comparative advantages and insisting rotulações euphemistic.
The shoppers have a total inability to control impulse buying behavior active. In practice, the acquisition brings these individuals a result similar to that of cocaine: a massive segregation of dopamine, the feel of psychological reward, pleasure or diminution of tension.
The psychological dependence makes the Shopoholic neglect family, work, social life, etc.., Making it totally absorbed, even anticipates the pernicious effects of their conduct, is not able to catch the action to buy. What excites both the purpose is not purchased, but the act of buying, or buying to buy and not to possess.
Family disruptions, financial and relational - which could lead to contract debts, or steal to get the necessary money - are imminent and increase the despair. The blackouts (loss of consciousness) may also occur immediately after the purchase, leading often to the neglect of what is bought, where and why they bought. In more severe cases are possible hallucinations, panic attacks and seeking refuge in alcohol. The dependence of the purchases can also coexist with bulimia, adding to the game and substance dependence.

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