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Treatment of Addiction to Shopping

When someone does not evaluate, systematically, the real need for a purchase that will make, not their financial means, do not ask the other person or opinion research prices, do not try to negotiate, do not get time to think not only what to buy had planned, it is quite possible that you need a treatment for dependence on purchases.
Shopoholism, "consumopatia" or dependence on purchases designate acquisition ostensibly as a synonym for well-being and power or as a route for consideration and approval by the other. The addict knows what he is doing, but they can not stop. It has the illusion of controlling the situation, but continues to buy beyond their means to compensate for disappointments and frustrations.
Anger, fear, depression and boredom are just samples of possible slogans to buy. Low self-esteem, sense of inadequacy and anxiety are invariably in the genesis of compulsive behavior.
In addition, the environment of the society in which we live is fertile ground for this obsession. The Internet, for example, a pathway is more appealing to the consumer unreasonable. Forums, chats, online auctions (which cause a similar feeling to win a prize in the game, because of the dispute the award of the subject), promotions and discounts snapshots, where photo editing highlight certain characteristics and often, hides the highest possible price, anonymity (which prevents contact with the social rules), the gifts offered, the extension of time, the installment payment and ease the credit card (which make the purchase less "real" because you do not see the money comes out), the involvement of colors and sounds studied and tested, the gratification of buying itself (there are sites that reward the best customers) and other similar aspects of electronic commerce are a favored means of buy compulsively without foreign control. The dependence of the purchases is often linked to dependence on the Internet. Sales through television and telemarketing are, along with shopping centers, foci of danger for these compulsive.
In the treatment of addiction to shopping is intended that the individual understands that it is the sole agent of their actions, that can not separate the behavior of the real motives, which do not need to buy entire collections of shoes, dresses, handbags, perfume and jewelry (for women) or exercise equipment, computers, mobile phones and cars (in the case of men), to enhance the image or appear to power and prestige, respectively, that is not making more purchases that mitigates the guilt of have done before.
The most pressing difficulty of treatment for dependence on purchases is the late stage at which it has usually beginning. Can cross several years until the patient becomes aware that their conduct escapes to normal.
Should be sought with the help of professionals, the context in which this symptom (buy compulsively) has meaning. Identify, process, manage and engage in a process of accepting one's feelings is the basis to break this cycle of dependency by controlling spending, but above all regain their power, freedom and self-esteem.

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